• A little about Archgriffin

    Archgriffin Consulting is a partner in the journey between developing great tech and launching amazing products.


    Our goal is to provide the crucial reinforcements, companies need to grow, raise funding, or scale-up. I want to empower teams to concentrate on their core responsibilities, without compromising on having proper communication tools, refined products, and well-defined business models.


    Through Archgriffin, I mentor and advise Startups and NGOs and organize the Meetup.ai Berlin, one of the fastest-growing communities in Germany for talking about AI.


    I also give talks, attend and moderate panels about the Social Impact of Emerging Technologies, Data Economics, Corporate Innovation (and lack thereof), Ethics in AI, and Opportunities for AI in Healthcare.

  • My Services

    How can we work together?


    Business Models

    Help develop Business Models, Products and Go to Market strategies.


    Communication Strategy

    Create Narratives, Content, set up Communication Channels and Outreach.


    Community Building

    Build Communities, interact with the Ecosystem, support Events, and Conferences

  • Past Partners

    Some of the great teams I worked with:

    OPEN-IU / Charité


    OPEN-IU is a Charite / BIH supported startup aiming to improve access to state of the art theraphy for children suffering from Internet Gaming Disoder (IGD).


    Together we transitioned from a research team to a MVP in 10 months and were awarded 2nd Place at the Digital Health Prize ( Novartis 2020)


    Dataconomy is the leading portal for news, events and expert opinion from the world of data-driven technology.


    Together we organized the Data Natives Satelite Week with 20+ events with 1600+ ateendees. THe wide variety of topics was curated to match those of the main DN conference.



    DSR is the market leader in the EU for machine learning training. We help people with significant quantitative training ramp-up rapidly for a data science career - arguably the fastest-growing, highest-demand profession today.


    Together we worked on expanding their battle tested formula to Toronto, Canada, with AI Deepdive.


    Want to talk about attending DSR, Corporate Training, ML Consulting, or partnerships, reach out to me here.



    Arterys was founded in 2011 to enable insight-driven medicine by leveraging cloud computation and artificial intelligence. Arterys offers a suite of applications for clinicians on the Arterys network via its cloud-based, web-enabled A.I. medical imaging platform.


    Together we developed a communication strategy to support the introduction of the Arterys platform in the German market.



  • The Old, the Now and the Future

    Archgriffin Consulting


    April 2019 – Present

    Archgriffin Consulting was founded with the purpose of working together and supporting groundbreaking teams in Berlin's blossoming AI ecosystem. Our goal is to be the reinforcements those companies need in order to scale up, in terms of business, product and communication strategy.


    We want to empower teams to dedicate themselves fully to what really matters in their companies, may that be R&D, Ops or Sales, while we take care of laying the foundations for further growth by upgrading business models and creating quality content.

    Good Technology Collective

    Lead Economist 

    Aug 2017 – April 2019

    The Good Technology Collective is a European Think Tank composed of experts from different backgrounds which addresses pressing issues at the intersection of technology and society, with a specific focus on AI and exponential Frontier Technologies.


    Founded by a group of technology enthusiasts, the GTC is a crucial European forum for piloting technological advances in the 21st century. Through its Expert Council, it brings together leading founders, engineers, scientists, journalists, and activists, who research, generate conversation around, and offer counsel as to the societal impact of AI, virtual reality, Internet of Things, and data surveillance.

    Advisory Roles


    Aug 2018 – Present

    I am involved in advising and mentoring startups in fields related to Data Science, AI, and Impact of Emerging Technologies. Among present and past projects, there are Startupbootcamp, Hacking Health, AIScope, Computational Life, Omdena, TNN, Queafacta, DSR, Dataconomy, among others.

    What do we have in common: a shared value system focused on including people in technology development, back, front and center, and a desire to use tech to improve our lives.


    Business Development Manager

    May 2017 – Mar 2018

    1aim is a building access management platform startup, based in Berlin Germany, working to revolutionize the way companies, employees and technology interact. They provide both hardware and software solution as well as purpose-built products with Hormann, FSB, Schorghuber, and others.



  • Recommendations

    The word around town

    Mike Richardson

    IoT Enterprise Architect and M.D at Photonic Insight

    Nicholas is a connector and so much more, he shares his expert level economic expertise and applies this to multiple technical realms. From artificial intelligence to IoT he will show you the economic connection and how to maximize your efforts for a positive return on investment.

    Vince Madai

    Senior Medical AI Researcher at Charité 

    Nicholas has a deep understanding of the economic implications and ethical challenges of AI solutions and how businesses need to prepare for them. His special trait is his eloquent and confident presentation skill, be it in a one-on-one business discussion or as a public speaker.

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